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Should I Buy Leads to Grow My Business?

Anyone that knows me, they know that I LOVE to assist others. Well, what I found out was that there were so many homepreneurs out there eager to make their new home based business work that they would constantly call and ask for assistance looking for that "magic" answer to getting more customers. Of course I was more than willing to help.

Well, what happened was this. Years back my network marketing business was more in the forefront then my group coaching (Empowerment 4u! Strategy & Wealth Coaching for Homepreneurs.)

Anyways, the only way I got customers was through my warm market and purchasing leads for lots and lots of money. I would then spend hours on end chasing and following up with contacts. Which to be honest, I really didn't enjoy doing. I loved it when I made the connection, but that was far and few between. I could not stand calling and calling to no end only to get an answering machine, or to find out that they really weren't serious about starting a new business after all.

Somewhere along the way I ended up training more than I was prospecting, but despite that, my business was continually growing. I was kind of stumped because literally my prospecting efforts in the way of purchasing leads had come to a halt. A� What I found out is that by actually helping others is a great way to grow your business and have customers that are truly interested in not just your business, but anything you have to offer. They feel confident that you stand behind your products and services that you offer, and that you'll be there for them. So literally these strangers, have entrusted you and now have become friends as well as lifetime customers.

People who had the same interests as I, were now calling me! It's a beautiful thing to be able to help others and make such a huge difference in their lives. Customers that once were very timid and were used to sitting in the back seat, are now very confident and sitting in the drivers seat. Whether the customer had their own business, network marketing, direct sales or learning online marketing for the corporation they worked for, I was finding that with my teachings they were, and are, driving themselves forward in their businesses at great speeds.

Even better, they are living a life in balance because they are spending time doing what they love, versus chasing down clients that really had no need for their services or product. You can't sell steak to a vegetarian, you have to work with people that are interested in what you have and make sure that you are continually sharing your knowledge and growing yourself so you can consistantly attract and satisfy the needs and desires of your clients.

Isn't this a much better way to work? Always, share yourself.