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Law of Attraction Coach Reveals the 3 Keys to Law of Attraction

1. Be crystal clear about what you want.

Have you ever noticed that you're not sure what you actually want? Because we were taught that wanting too much was selfish and greedy, most of us don't know our own minds, or are afraid to voice our real desires.

The good news is that you don't have to share your desires, goals, or aspirations with anyone who isn't supportive. But you must articulate them to yourself. It's preferable to write your intentions down on paper. Keep a journal of your desires with dated entries. Having your desires written down will help you focus your attention. Having a dated entry will help you measure when your intentions actually manifest.

As they manifest you build your faith muscles. The entire process gets easier and easier. The same way repetition of any practice will eventually give you mastery.

2. Find the mismatch in your beliefs.

We all want life to go very well for us. We want to have more than enough money. We want to share our lives with fun and lively friends and family. We want to do work that is rewarding and enjoyable. On the other hand, we've been raised with the conflicting beliefs that we have to work hard in order to be worthy. We were told we must pay our dues. That life's hard. Don't expect much and you won't be disappointed.

These beliefs are so ingrained we hardly question them. We believe our beliefs! The truth is you were born worthy. You don't have to do anything extra or special to be worthy. Start exploring what that might feel like.

It's time for you to surface up any other beliefs that don't serve you. Limiting beliefs that are running in your energy field are keeping you and your desires apart. That's the reason most of us aren't manifesting what we want. We have a mismatch in the energy that relates to our desires. And you know that everything is energy. You know the Universe matches and mirrors back more about what we're transmitting. If we transmit mixed signals to the Universe, we get mixed results.

3. Start transmitting the energy of your pure desire fulfilled.

When you start flowing attention, energy, ideas, feeling, intention, and love towards what you want as if you're already enjoying what you want in your life today, you're transmitting a clear signal to the Universe. Now you start seeing your external life experience shifting in ways to match your internal state. You must be a match on the inside before you can attract what you want on the outside.